Furniture and Lighting at Donzella 20th Century Gallery

May 5, 2010

For more than 20 years, Roberto Giulio Rida has been known as the go-to dealer in Milan for 20th-century Italian decorative arts.

But Mr. Rida, 66, also designs furniture and lighting. While individual pieces have occasionally made their way to the United States, the bulk of his work hasn’t been shown or readily available here. That will change next week when Donzella 20th Century Gallery has the first large-scale show of Mr. Rida’s work in this country.

Credit...Luca Andrea Musso

“As a dealer, he’s specialized in glass, both decorative and lighting,” said Paul Donzella, the gallery owner. “Over the years, he developed relationships with glass manufacturers who’d give him unused stock. As a result, he’s got an incredible collection of new and vintage glass that he used to make these jewel-like pieces.”

Prices range from $7,500 for a pair of sconces to $95,000 for a pair of cabinets (the four-foot Merlino table lamp shown at left is $16,500).

The show runs from May 13 to July 17 at 17 White Street (Church Street); information: (212) 965-8919 or