Lucien Petit

Lucien Petit

Lucien Petit (b. 1957)

Lucien Petit was born in 1957 in Sancerre, France, and studied industrial ceramics in Vierzon. In the 1970s he began exploring artistic approaches to terracotta production, notably of containers. Working out of different studios, he experimented in combining terracotta with a wide range of materials, including bronze, wood, steel, concrete, resins, plaster, paper, photographs, and collage. In the 1980s Petit began creating wood-fired ceramics in La Borne, a town renowned for its centuries-old tradition of wood-fired stoneware. He also collaborated on projects with his friend the sculptor Daniel Pontoreau, who proved a significant inspiration, and from 1994 to 2009 was assistant to renowned ceramic artist Jacqueline Lerat.

Along with his solid technical training, a strong interest in architecture helped foster Petit’s thematic concern with containers and their implied interior space. Utilizing mixed techniques and materials (wood, cardboard, resins, bronzes, and alloys) he began creating series of small-scale “houses” and shelters of various sorts, always playing with the balance of determining factors, i.e., full/empty, positive/negative, elevation/angle, organic/mineral. Each of his pieces is characterized by distinctive structural elements and highly detailed treatments. Installed on the ground, they invite speculation as to their use and history – like monoliths in a constantly changing landscape.

Petit continues to live near and fire his pieces in La Borne. In context of the town’s ceramic arts history, his work marks a shift from the anthropomorphic to the more abstract. He has also spent ten years exploring concepts for wood-fired sculptures, using clay mixtures he makes himself and adding different minerals to the surfaces of his pieces. He considers the impact of firing as crucial to his finished pieces, and to that end is in the process of designing a new type of kiln. With forty years of practice, Petit sometimes brings his experience into other disciplinary fields, including teaching. He has traveled and exhibited extensively in France and abroad, including the US, and has also created a number of monumental pieces for other artists.



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