Alexandre Logé

Alexandre Logé

Alexandre Logé (b. 1977) artist, designer

In a relatively short period of time, Alexandre Logé has achieved a strong presence in the contemporary design world. Exhibited in some of the most prestigious venues for art and design, Logé’s pieces have been acquired by some of the most important American & European interior designers and placed within many extraordinary collections.

Born in 1977 in Paris’ 14th arrondissement, Logé spent much of his time exploring the city’s legendary flea markets and scouring the sales of the Drouot Auctions for treasures and inspiration alike. His growing passion led him to the Pantheon-Sorbonne, where he received degrees in Fine Art & Art History. He went on to apprentice at a Paris furniture design studio, honing his skills as a mold-maker and prototype builder. Through all of this he developed a strong sense of style and taste that was to inform his design aesthetic today.

Logé has always had a sensitive eye to the rest of the world and its diverging cultures. His travels (which included 18 months spent on a sailing trip around the world) to Southeast Asia & South America solidified a love of tribal art that remains a great influence on his work. He also draws inspiration from the past, from the 1940s and beyond, always looking to reinterpret established elements of design.

Since creating his own company in 2006, Logé’s work has been shown in a number of noteworthy exhibitions, starting with the show “The Artist & His Supporters” at Espace Tajan in 2006.

Other exhibitions include:
- The inauguration of the Colonial Prestige Gallery, Paris 2006
- Art & Design Fair. Tuileries, Paris 2007
- The inauguration of Estefania Carrero Studio, Madrid 2008
- Design Miami Basel (with Donzella LTD), Basel 2008
- Modernism (with Donzella LTD), NYC 2008
- Design Miami (with Donzella LTD), NYC 2008
- Design Miami (with Donzella LTD), NYC 2009
- Alexandre Logé: Contemporary Works in Bronze & Plaster. Donzella LTD, NYC 2012
- NY Salon Fair of Art & Design, NYC 2012
- Vincent Darre Exhibition. Pierre Passebon Gallery, Paris, 2013
- NY Collective Design Fair (with Donzella LTD), NYC 2014