Robert Giulio Rida

Robert Giulio Rida

Roberto Giulio Rida (b. 1943) artist, designer

As a young man growing up in Milan, Roberto Giulio Rida was surrounded by design inspiration that was steeped in historical tradition. These aesthetic influences remained with him only to resurface later, after completing his requisite stint at university and in the military, when Rida began to travel. It was during this freespirited time that he discovered he could support himself through his interest in art and design by simply buying and selling what he loved. Eventually returning to Milan, Rida began to focus his attention more seriously on the works of the 20th century as a full-time dealer in Italian decorative arts. During these years, he immersed himself in the study of form, materials and function. Over time he became an expert in the work of Fontana Arte and the glass masters of Murano, and his obsession with these creators eventually inspired him to experiment with his own designs.

Rida’s work is ever evolving because of his passion for exploration and his need to constantly challenge himself. His pieces are unlike anything else out there today. Rich, playful, sophisticated, and cerebral, they are unmatched in their expressiveness and craftsmanship. Much of his work is the result of tireless research and experimentation, in an attempt to synthesize the imagery and notions of fantasy that exist in his head and bring them to fruition. Inspired by plants, animals, and all aspects of nature - as well as mythology - he infuses his pieces with life and energy through his brilliant use of color and bold strokes of form.

He is continually faced with the challenge of realizing his fantastic designs while adhering to the strict technical demands required to fulfill them. His production standards are of the highest level, and as such Rida will often search throughout Italy to find the perfect craftsman able to bend a piece of glass in just the right way or join two pieces of metal that are seemingly incompatible. He insists on incorporating vintage elements into his pieces as a way of preserving and carrying forth the spirit of the past. In this sense, Rida has set up a structured parameter by which he works, often basing the size and number of his editions on the quantity of materials available to him, making his creations truly unique.

Roberto has been represented by many major galleries throughout The United States and Europe. His works have been shown at important Art & Design fairs such as, Collective Design-NYC, The Salon-NYC, Design Miami, & Design Miami Basel, PAD, Paris & London. His work continues to evolve and his audience continues to grow.

Donzella LTD is proud to count ourselves among these galleries. We are grateful to have a strong working relationship with this gifted artist, and we hope to continue representing select pieces of his work for years to come.